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Ensure What SEO Is?

Are you unsure what SEO is, are you looking to get involved with all the hype and start generating leads via the search engines. Take a look at this video by The Search Engine Land.


What South West SEO Consultant to go with?

It can be difficult to find a South West SEO Consultant which knows what they are doing, especially when it comes to making a ROI and making more profit than the investment made. You will need an agency, or freelancer which will go that extra mile and optimise your website for the most recent search engine algorithms in Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other internet gate way you can think of. Being ranked for Google is very good, but how about the other engines – we can’t predict the future, maybe someday everyone may use Bing, or even Yahoo?

You will need to work with an SEO consultant who knows the technical on-page and off-page ranking factors have knowledge of schema markup, link building, directories, link baiting and more. There are a few questions you can ask in the SEO interview.

We have recently ran across a few new agencies in the South West, and we have spoken to them all have had a sit down face to face discussion in regards to their strategies, and what makes them so diverse to any other agency in their area. Most of them say they have a secret link building strategy which not many people know about, and others say they know of a hidden algorithm which hasn’t been publicly released.

Come back here regularly and we’ll share the news..

Yes, that’s right. We’re live.

Yep, we’ve said it. We’re live. It’s about time the team got together to launch this blog, the amount of search engine talent in the south west is unreal – it’s been a crazy year, a whole ton of small and large businesses in the UK are starting to dominate search.

This blog has been created to showcase some of the talent here in the south west, who to speak to, and who to hire in regards to SEO for your business. If you have any comments or questions, get in touch – get involved in the community!